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Evoke Pleasant Moods With a Kitchen or Bathroom Backsplash Tile

Your home is definitely your castle. It is your duty to make it as attractive and inviting as possible. As such, you will want to take advantage of every opportunity to showcase your sense of style and class.

One way to do all these things is to add a nice backsplash tile to your kitchen or bathroom. These tiles will be the focal point for visitors who come into your home. They will know without a doubt that you are someone who cares about even the most intricate details.

So what is backsplash tile?

For those who are unsure about backsplash, it is the wall tiling in either the kitchen or bathroom, in the stove or sink area, respectively. When people are in the kitchen they naturally gravitate toward the stove, where all the cooking gets done. Likewise, the bathroom sink is where everyone washes their hands, brushes their teeth and gets freshened up in the mirror. So, the design of the tiling in these areas is of the utmost importance.

Choose the Right Design

Certain designs evoke particular moods. Take advantage of this fact by selecting wisely from the most pleasing styles.

Light colors can make a room appear airy and open; meanwhile, darker colors provide a more regal look. Mosaic patterns will have guests contemplating the meaning of life. It is also possible to customize the backsplash tile pattern, making the room fit your unique needs, whatever they may be.


Ceramic tile remains the most popular material used for the backsplash. Most households find ceramic tile to be extremely durable and shiny. Expect to get years of use from this product, making it a good value for your money.

Some go for the natural look. Granite, marble and slate are common materials used in these back tile arrangements. As always, be sure to inquire just how good the material is at preventing mold.
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