Hardwood Floors For Your Home

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Hardwood Floors For Your Home

When you hear, “Engineered Hardwood”, do you envision some sort of artificial oak cooked up by a mad scientist in his laboratory? Well, don’t worry, there’s no such thing as Frankentree. Engineered hardwood is actually a completely natural manufactured flooring product that is made of 100% real wood. While it is constructed by man, the materials and final product are very similar to traditional hardwood with the exception of a few innovations.

One of the biggest drawbacks to traditional hardwood is its extremely porous nature that makes it unusable in below-ground areas such as basements and damp areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Engineered hardwood was specifically designed to overcome this issue. By taking thin layers of wood and stacking them with alternating grain directions, manufacturers have significantly reduced the absorbent nature of the wood. These thin layers do have a clear textural difference from traditional hardwood, particularly since they are often made with lower grade woods in order to make them more affordable. That’s why the top of the engineered hardwood is a veneer layer of high quality wood.

The type of wood and finish for the veneer can be chosen by homeowners to create the beautiful look that they have dreamed of, and the thin layers beneath with be completely undetectable. Since only the top of the wood is made of this veneer, homeowners can typically afford grades of hardwood that might be out of their budget for a full hardwood floor. While thin, the veneer can still usually be sanded and refinished 1-7 times depending on the type of hardwood.

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