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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring Guide


Classic and luxurious, hardwood flooring is highly coveted by many for its stylish and eclectic good looks. Thanks to each plank’s unique wood grain, you can count on flooring that’s truly one-of-a-kind. If properly installed and cared for, your hardwood floor will last for generations and will compliment your evolving style with its enduring beauty.


Are you considering a hardwood floor for your home or office? You’re certainly not alone! Hardwood floors remain heavily in demand, since it can be repeatedly refinished, and comes in countless combinations of colors, species, and finishes. However, a hardwood decision should never be taken lightly. This floor represents a serious investment and it isn’t the best choice for wet or humid environments.


Want to learn more about hardwood flooring? Here are some basic facts to help you navigate the decision process.




Solid Hardwood vs Engineered Hardwood


Shopping for hardwood flooring? You can expect to encounter two major hardwood flooring groups on your next browsing trip: solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Both of these flooring families are beautiful and made to last, but there are also some major differences between the two.


Comprised of solid wooden planks, the more traditional solid hardwood can be refinished as many times as needed, lasting for multiple generations. Solid hardwood cannot be installed below grade.


A modern-day alternative, engineered hardwood looks just like solid hardwood, but the difference is below the surface. Built in multiple wooden layers, engineered hardwood is typically water-resistant, thanks to a reinforced core. Unlike its solid cousin, engineered hardwood can be installed below grade.


Learn more about solid and engineered hardwood.



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Hardwood Species


The current flooring market offers up hardwood species from all over the world, so there are more options than ever before. Choose between exotic Brazilian cherry and down-home oak; lush teak and rustic hickory…and everything in between.

Our Hardwood Flooring Selection


At Gold Star Carpet One Floor & Home, we enjoy helping our clients find a floor they can feel great about, so we’re constantly expanding our (already comprehensive) inventory. We have Carpet One exclusive brands such as Hanover Hills.


We’re members of Carpet One Floor & Home, the world’s largest flooring cooperative, so we can stay close to our locally -owned-and-operated roots, and still offer you top quality products. Stop by our Denison showroom today and learn if hardwood is right for you.


Learn More About Hardwood


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Best Hardwood

Our hardwood experts will help you choose the best hardwood floor for your room. We'll take your style and performance needs into consideration.



Hardwood Maintenance

If properly maintained, hardwood flooring can last for decades in your home. Learn more about hardwood maintenance by visiting our Flooring Guide.



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Hardwood Refinishing


If your hardwood floors seem like they could use some sprucing up, consider hardwood refinishing








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